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Send us a photo of your catch

We will put it here:


TightLines from:


John's Wisconsin Spring Steel Another John's 30" Wisconsin Spring Steelie
Forests Muskegon River Spring Steel Striper 2009 CT River
Joy's Rio Grande 15in Brown Joy's Rio Grande 16in Rainbow 
Ken's 25 1/4" 8lb ASPIUS VORAX {CARP}" Carl's Loreto Dorado 45 lb+
Carl's (Small) 60lb Loreto Marlin Michael's Dogfish Bar Stripper 39" 30lb+
Chad's Grand River Smallie Sasa'a Serbia Grayling 
Sasa'a Serbia Grayling  Bob's 45" Alaskan Pike 
Bob's 45" 25lb Ontario Pike  Todd's Colorado Brown
Todd's Trout Seth's Wintertime Steelie
Seth's 20+" Brookie Carl's Russian River 11lb Steelhead
Carl's 48lb Smith River King Salmon John's 31+ inch Brown on Bamboo rod

John's Brule River wild trout... silk line - cane - and a 100 yr old Hardy Duff's Arizona Grayling at 9000 feet in a October snow storm

Gary's 15 lb Sixes River Chinook Gary's 23 lb Sixes River Chinook
John's Fall Coho John's Fall King
Jeff's Wisconsin King Another Sheboygan King
Lance's first Speyrod Wisconsin King Jeff's Classic Salmon Fly - King
Duff's Sauk River Steelie Duff's Snake River Steelie
Dave's Sheboygan Carp Aaron's Sheboygan Carp
Jerome's Sheboygan Salmon Ben's Wyoming Specials
Young Marshall with a Nice Mountain Brookie Old Marshall didn't do too bad either
James' Ohio Steelhead Neil's Montana Brown
Gary's Montana 20/20 Rainbow (24" on a #20 fly) Gary's Montana 20" Brown
Dave's 8lb Iowa Large Mouth Bass John's 17 lb Brown on 1950's Bamboo

Scott's Rainbow Bill's Tulsa Striper

Roger's 12lb Brazilian Bonefish Roger's 20lb Brazilian Snook
Mike's Floatrod Steelhead Jerald's 13+ lb Argentina Trout
Rod's Striper Matt's PA Steelie
   George's PA Chromy Shane's PA Steelhead

David's NC redfish;  and they say size doesn't matter---> Jerry's Florida Redfish
Jeff's Iowa Small Mouth Thiago's LM Bass in Brazil

Lance's Volga River Smallie.jpg Jeff's Volga River Small Mouth
Gary's Santiam River Rainbow Thiago Brazillian Traira

Mike's Dorado Chris's False Albacore
Frank's Jack Carvalle Fred's Sailfin Catfish

Jeff's 38" Redfish

Matt's Walleye

Bud's First Steelhead

Walter's Tarpon

Britt's Pinook

David's Night Time Brown

David's Backyard Brookie

Classic, Carp on a Cane Rod

NJStripper.jpg (31342 bytes)

AlaskaSockeyeJump.jpg (412091 bytes)

David trying to get a Stripper

Alaska Salmon jumping the Falls

BennetSP_1203.jpg (58665 bytes)

BennetSP1_1203.jpg (124552 bytes)
Bennet Springs, Mo Bennet Springs, Mo

BlueRiverBrown.jpg (72819 bytes)

AlaskaKings.jpg (83314 bytes)
David's 1st Bow River, Rainbow Trout David's Alaska King Salmon

PM1.jpg (167491 bytes)

PMTheBoil.jpg (136787 bytes)
David fishing the PM for Steelhead FISH ON, and WHAT a boil
PMTheFish.jpg (132272 bytes)

PMTheFish.jpg (132272 bytes)

David's Steelhead, PM special 1 of 3 5lb Peacock Bass by Cecil