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 Rainy's Round Float Foam, orange


 Black Deer Hair

Notes on tying:

1. Cut off a piece of Orange Rainy's Round Float Foam (size small) about 2" long and then with a razor blade cut the tube in half length wise.

2. Secure thread behind the eye then spin 4 or 5 black deer hair fibers to the hook shank.  Pull the fibers up and together and cut them all off equal in length to about ¾ the length of the hook.

3. With the Flat part of the round foam up, secure the foam to the hook just above the bend with 3 or 4 wraps, then wrap thread forward to a bit behind the eye.

4. Pull the foam forward, and tie off the foam, with 3 or 4 wraps, then whip finish around the hook itself. Cut the foam off, just in front of the eye, leaving enough for a very small “head”,  Ad a drop of head cement and some black dots, with a permanent blank marker to the orange foam.


5. Box elder bugs tied the same, just use a longer shank hook.

This is a great pattern for upper mid-western area.  It works best in the fall, when the Asian beetles and Box Elder bugs are swarming.  Fish it dead drift or better yet, thwack it hard on the surface, the brown trout fight over it.

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